5 Free Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

As we all know, the Web is the best and widest market anyone who wants to do business can enter. Through it, you can build a website which you can use to promote products and gain sales from customers around the world.

Since the Web has these amazing features, every business owner wants or needs to take advantage of it. That’s why building a website is a must, to strengthen Web presence and possibly earn more sales!

Building a website is an essential way for businesses to build a name in the big Web market. It is a platform that allows you to describe the goods you offer and what benefits people will get when they avail of it.

The first and most important step a business owner must make is it is a way for the business to be recognized, trusted and be outstanding among the rest.

For you to get the best from building a website, creativity and content value play essential roles; these elements are what makes the whole website something people should check and watch out for. However, website creation usually comes with a fee, and there may be a need to hire developers and other skillful persons to do the job well.

As soon as all of these are done, voila! You got your great and eye-catching site. However, how are you going to reach for clients and make sales in the most cost-efficient way possible?

In this article, we will share with you the 5 best ways to get traffic to your website for free. In this way, you will have more chances to generate more income without spending much on marketing.

5 Free Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

5 Best Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website for Free

  1. Take advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of acquiring traffic to your site from “organic” results on searches made from search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. These results are referred to as “organic” because it naturally appears on the search results due to the efforts made by the site. These efforts can be proper use of keywords, keeping content up-to-date and abidance to the rules each search engine has.

Since you already know the gist of SEO, let us now move on to how to take advantage of it to get traffic to your website for free. SEO is something that is definitely easier said than done. Remember that the Web is the biggest market, and what we are trying to do in here is to get to the top of the search results.

It’s going to take lots of effort, and confusion and disappointment is going to be present at times along the way. However, you should keep your heads up and believe that it is possible, as long as you do the rights things and do these things well. These are some of the efforts you can do to optimize your website.

  • Make a great title for your site content by using the right keywords that best describe what you offer.
  • Make best use of keywords in your website content, but do not overdo it.
  • Create meta-tags for your site.
  • Update your website regularly.


  1. Make your website content updated, highly valuable and something to check out for.

A website that is regularly updated has a bigger probability of ranking higher in search results. Aside from its recentness, people are looking forward to seeing  up-to-date content; not something that is created and last updated 3 years ago.

Furthermore, it is also essential to make it valuable and something people should check out for. You can use these guide questions while making website content:

  • Is my content up-to-date and worthy of sharing?
  • Did I provide all the details and did I explain it well and clearly?
  • Was I able to make a striking content that is reliable and perhaps unforgettable?
  • Is my content engaging and not boring?
  • What relevance can my readers get from the content on my website?

Keeping up-to-date content is not just what readers want, but search engines as well. Search engines such as Google are very particular with the websites they include on the search results. Thus, if you always update your website, the search engine will recognize it and will work your website’s way up to the search engine results.

However, do not ‘fool’ the search engine by posting content already made before; you can get your website into trouble, and turn your high expectations otherwise. In addition, if you have multiple websites, do not use the same content for all, as search engines keep an eye on this, too. Make your content an original piece from your other content once again; a little effort will need some time, but it’s going to pay off and bring good results anyway.

  1. Guest posting on websites with high traffic is a plus.

Another great way to invite traffic to your website for free is through guest posting. Guest posting is the act of writing article/s for website/s with high traffic. It is a way for you to make yourself known to the Web, especially on the readers and subscribers of the website you are writing articles for. Then, after you make yourself and your work known, it is now time to direct the readers to your own website.

There are a few steps you can follow when guest posting:

a. Create a list of the websites with high traffic that also have relevance on the niche you are in or planning to enter.

b. Connect to the editors or people with authority on these websites by following them on social media.

c. Reach for these editors or people with authority if you can guest post on their websites. However, reach them as nice, professional and as appropriate as you can; let them know what you got.

d. Once you are successful performing the last 3 steps, you can now guest post on these high-traffic websites. Success!


  1. Add URL in your forum signatures.

Adding URL in your forum signatures can also direct people to check your website, as long as you can provide them with valuable and awesome content. Through your content, people will have interest on checking your website out, and when they’ve seen that you provide a more awesome content than what they’ve seen before, you can garner an audience or subscribers that keep coming back on your website for more.

If you post content on some authority sites and you include your name at the end of the page as a writer, it would also be of best help if you add links to your social media sites and a link to your blog as well.

  1. Make the best use out of social media.

Social media is the second best place where people can market. Aside from the fact that almost all Internet users have social media accounts for personal uses, these platforms can be used for free! As long as you use it well and you abide with the terms these social networking sites pose, you’re good to go.

Just like when you utilize other ways to get high traffic to your website, it is also important for you to create a name and credibility in the world of social media. Make good content, complement it with a great and interesting video, invite others to engage on it, and share it. People like something that is engaging, clear, valuable, and catchy. Thus, focus on creating social media content that focuses on these elements and you’re on your way to getting followers which can then be directed to your website.

The social media platforms you can use are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. Also, make an interesting personal and website background on LinkedIn for further reference.



With these 5 best ways to get free website traffic, you can now make more while saving more! Keep in mind that if you make awesome and valuable content, everything great follows. Just be patient, work hard and right, and all your efforts will pay off.

Wishing you the best of luck on your Internet marketing journey!


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