Customer Relationship Management Experts Share 6 Top Marketing Tips

Customer relationship management experts know that your CRM system can play a key role in your marketing campaign. Let’s see what the top 6 marketing tips are.

#1 Use the Subscription Management Page to Gather Marketing Data.

Don’t just use the subscription management page to allow recipients to opt out or change their email preferences. Make the most of it. Use it to gather additional marketing data. For example, you can use a web form to gather support requests. You can also use a survey to obtain your customer’s feedback. Make the most out of this opportunity to engage with the customer.

#2 Do Not Just Use Email Communication for Your Nurture Program.

Your nurture campaign should involve both email and a personal phone call from the sales staff. You can trigger a CRM workflow from within the nurture. This will create a reminder for the sales staff to follow up with this customer on the nurtured lead. According to Digital doughnuts “you need to implement marketing strategies to win new customers over, especially if you operate in a competitive market.”

#3 Use Dynamic Content to Simplify Email Marketing Campaigns.

There is no need to create tons of various email templates to send the same message to different audiences that you are targeting. Just create a single template and then take advantage of dynamic content creating a customized experience for the email recipients.

#4 Manage Your Live Events by Combining CRM Systems With Marketing Tools.

Take advantage of web forms to gather registrations, send out save the date emails and other reminders. You can also connect your CRM system with Eventbrite to collect the most data about the live event you are having.

#5 Grow the Power of Your Automated Marketing Tools with Customer relationship management  Workflows.

You can evaluate the answers to your survey and then send any negative responses the department or personal in your company by using the customer workflow in CRM.

#6 Use Social Media to Collect Data, Use it And Analyze It

Social media is used to communicate with customers, but more importantly, did you know you can  use your CRM system to collect social networking data. Therefore, making it easier to align it with your other marketing and sales information.  This will help you to understand your customer much better. Social data offers deep insights that can aid you in your marketing campaigns, as well as, selling to your customers and serving them better.

These are 6 simple things that Customer relationship management experts recommend that allow you to get the most out of your marketing through taking advantage of your Customer relationship management system to its full capacity.

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