Social Media Marketing: For Small Businesses


Are you thinking of starting your own Internet Marketing Business?  Or have you already started it? Probably you are just starting from scratch, exploring your online options to know what way  you can take your business into the next level. Regardless of the reason, it is undeniable that social media marketing has benefits, especially for small businesses. It is their leverage to match up with the long-time Giants.

But the truth is, social media marketing is still a foreign idea. Many would just love to stick to the traditional ways of promulgating their products or brands. However, I would advise you to set aside your traditional mindset. In the advent of technology, the modalities and means of marketing change, too.

And at the moment, you just have to harness the power of social media.

But really, how can social media just make you big? Is there any truth to the promise it gives to the small enterprises and new businesses?

Listen. Things are not the same as before. And you can tell by looking at some social media platforms today. For example, take a look at Facebook. Have you noticed that popular brands like Adidas and Apple have their own page? Is that for past time? Definitely not.

Even national dailies and media companies are already reporting their scoops and issues on Twitter or Facebook. Instead of just relying on their websites, newsprint’s, and other sets of information mediums, they also utilized the power of social media too.

But why is that? Simple. Social media enables you to reach your audience in an emphatic and personal manner. In this way, you as a business owner can somehow directly talk to your customers. You will know what their opinions about your products or services are. Hence, you can gain insight into the possible improvements you need to do to your company. See? That’s an easy peasy process.

And that is the first advantage of social media marketing.

1.It lets you personally communicate with your audience.

Do you think I am just making a bluff? Well, according to Hubspot, majority or 92% of internet marketers see social media marketing as a crucial component to their business. Moreover, the Social Media Examiner found out that 97% of marketers were already using different social media platforms to boost their businesses.

These data implicates the potential that social media offers, especially to new enterprises. If you are a small business that has no marketing plans yet, then consider adding social media to your checklist.

To convince you more, I will give you a list of some big brands that are active on Facebook today. In this way, you can get an insight on how social media is increasing their leverage.

Brand                                       Total Fans

Coca-Cola                               99, 236, 729

McDonald’s                           66, 875, 366

Microsoft Lumia                50, 907, 212

Red Bull                                 46, 261, 084

Samsung Mobile                42, 689, 823

Nike Football                      42, 551, 796

KFC                                         42, 468, 832

Oreo                                        42, 439, 886

Yo Amo Los Zapatos       40, 253, 295

PlayStation                          38, 018, 012

Now, I know some of you are wondering what these numbers mean.  Well, they are basically the current number of people who are on their respective pages. further more, they are the “number of people” who became their “loyal customers!” Just imagine millions of people who are actually digging your product or service! Isn’t that great!

I am not saying that you can reach the same figures as they have. These brands were already known way before Mark Zuckerberg created the prototype of Facebook.

However, it is nice to daydream too! Especially as we all realize by now that there is a good chance that it can become a reality!

With the power of social media, you can read what the interests and buying preferences of people are. You can exploit that aspect so that you can package your brand as something they are searching for. Hence, you will make them loyal to you.

And that is the second benefit of social media marketing to small businesses.

2. It increases brand loyalty.

Even the Texas Tech University has discovered that those companies who maintain engaging social media channels receive more customer loyalty than those who have not.

But what does customer loyalty even mean? And how can it be profitable to a small business owner like you?

You should know by this time that your brand or company is not unique. That is the reason why there is competition in the first place. You don’t fight with those individuals that you have no business with in the first place. You are up against those that are chasing the same goal as you.

In social media marketing, you are not competing just to be seen. That is not the story anymore. You are competing so that you can get as many loyal customers as you can. If you have avid clients, then sooner or later, they will be the ones who will be promoting your brand. That is the viral referral system that every single company wants to get.

When people talk about you, you can get instant recognition. And in turn, it will bring more profit to your doors.

For me, it would be a waste if you got 100 uninterested individuals who will just pass by  your stall rather than having ten people who will actually buy your service!

There is the third advantage of social marketing to small businesses:

3. Brand recognition and guaranteed conversion

Since we have talked about competition, let’s talk about how to win it. If you are in a fight ring, it would be senseless if you don’t sucker-punch your way to victory. But how can social media marketing make you win?

The answer would be authority.

Even for search engines today like Google, the website’s “authority” is a critical factor for it to rank. It doesn’t matter how good your site or products are if they don’t contain any proof that they are actually legitimate.

This is a problem common to small businesses and starting enterprises. You can’t just let people avail your brand if you are just new. How could you even promote your goods if there are already established brands out there who sell the same thing?

For example, if you are in the clothing industry, it would be quite difficult for you to avert the interest of people from branded designs–much more if you are trying to compete with the likes of Burberry or Wrangler.

Even if you know that your product is better than them, you could not just topple these guys down. They have the authority and you don’t have it. How can you solve this problem?

Yes, indeed, through Social Media Marketing.

When you are regularly engaging with your loyal customers on social media, you are showing them your faith and sincerity. And that is what people want, as you can see in every relationship today. People love to have a faithful partner. They need to know that this brand won’t fail their expectations. If you are a small enterprise, you can expect a great reward.

People will talk about you and how good your services and products are. You get more shares and tweets day by day. Later, you will realize that your influence is rooting to the ground. This is where your authority starts.

4. Social media marketing can increase brand authority and influence.

Nothing beats a brand that is constantly being talked about. You are a fire that can’t be put out. You can even extend your influence if you can tap into the biggest influencers who are on the different social media platforms. A screen time on their pages will make a difference to your company!

Who knows, you might make it to the big league!

5. Decreased marketing cost

Lastly, I want to talk about cost. Yes. Everything comes with a price, even for social media marketing. However, you can run a digital marketing campaign on a cheaper scale compared to the conventional ways of marketing. Do you have enough resources to put up a TV commercial or even a radio ad? Can you maintain a space in your local newspapers? If you can’t do these two, then better opt for social media.

And yes, you have to opt for social media because it has more exposure than the traditional media. I love to read newspapers or watch midnight talk shows, but it is undeniable that they are losing their grounds. People can avail these forms of entertainment and information in different social media networks. I hate to admit it but time changed already.

Going back, Hubspot suggested that 84% of internet marketers spend less than six hours in generating quality content in social media. This means that you can have more time for strategies and other syndication’s. If you are outsourcing a team, then it means that you won’t have to pay them big, considering the amount of working time you will give them.

Of course, paid advertisements such as in Facebook and Twitter are still cheaper than paid newspaper ads. Moreover, the scale of your campaign will determine its actual cost. Just set a budget for it and once you can estimate the expense for you to get your desired results, then you can start increasing your budget.



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