How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

How to start affiliate marketing without a website?

Wait. Is that even possible?

Well, in the world of internet marketing, the word impossible is such a far-fetched idea already. The more the internet progresses, the more opportunities it opens!

Traditionally, affiliate marketing requires a website. It is a requirement of many affiliate sites such as Amazon. If you don’t have a site, it is like you are selling products without a store! That makes it pretty absurd, to begin with. However, you should realize that the internet is a virtual marketplace. There are a lot of means to make money, even if you don’t spend too much capital.

If you are a webmaster, you know how hard it is to setup a website. It can be costly too, knowing that you have to pay for your hosting fees and domain names. Of course, the expenses could go up once you start hiring people to do stuff for you. If you are planning a large-scale campaign, then you are required to form a team.

Aside from that, doing SEO can be pretty arduous too. However, you are compelled to this. Or else, your website won’t appear on the search engines. A site that has a weak presence would be unlikely to make a sale.

These are some of the reasons why some resort to a website-free affiliate marketing. There are several methods to do this. Let’s go find out all of them!


How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Posting On Online Discussion Communities

If you don’t have a stall, why not bombard other properties? After all, the internet is basically a free place. A simple sign up could welcome you to a myriad of online communities and discussion forums.

Visit a community that is related to your niche. Specifically, choose an area that can welcome the affiliate product that you are trying to market.

You can find these communities quickly by performing specific searches. For example, make a Google search for the keywords “forum” and “the subject that you promote.”  You should search exactly like this. You will get excited for the hundreds of community in where you can market!

As a piece of advice, be always active in these communities. As much as possible, answer all the queries of the people. Establish your presence and make sure that you read all the community policies of these websites. Violation of rules can ban your account indefinitely.


It is quite a surprise that e-books are one of the best platforms for a website-free affiliate marketing. Well, with the extent of reach these tools have, such thing should be plausible already.

The first thing that you should do is to write an e-book. You have to invest your time writing about a topic that is related to your affiliate product. Make it as compelling and as informative as possible. In this way, you can establish your authority and rapport to your readers. In short, you are trying to make them believe you.

Aside from the primary content, you should also include your marketing collateral. Try to integrate affiliate banners and links in your content. Make sure that they are in the visible portion of your e-book. However, they should not be obtrusive to your original content. Or else, people will find your e-book as a mere marketing stunt.

Email Campaign

Email is a free service. However, it can reach your target audiences in front of their doors. Therefore, it can be an essential tool for affiliate marketing.

You should start your email campaign by writing an article about your affiliate product. Try to emphasize why there is a need for them to buy or avail the service. Moreover, compel the people why they should trust you.

As a reminder, integrate your affiliate link within the article. Your readers will tend to click on them instead of placing them separately. They look natural compared to those promotional and advertising emails.

After writing, you can already send the email to your audiences. If you don’t have a contact list yet, try sending first to your family and friends. Optionally, you can send the email to the online communities that you belong!


Affiliate marketing is a nice way to earn a profit. It can yield significant revenues, which can help you cope up with your daily expenses.

Trying various ways to market enables your versatility to kick in. The more marketing strategies you employ, the more chances you can generate income!


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