How to Determine if Blogging is the Right Profession for You

Ever thought that by just sharing your personal views and ideas you could make thousands? Blogging, in the modern world, has taken the internet by storm. It has enabled hundreds of people share their daily knowledge to keep the public engaged and entertained.

For some, it has become a really amusing hobby. Others just find it a great way to make some cash.

Whatever be the reason, becoming a blogger isn’t a piece of cake. If you’re only in to make quick money while blogging, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Well, before even thinking about blogging and starting up with your own creative endeavors, you should ask yourself. Is blogging right for me?

Outlined below are some points you should ponder on, which may help you determine whether you’re on the right track or is blogging actually going to be a pain in your neck.

You enjoy writing.

Written word is blog’s nature. You must ensure that your viewers are having fun while reading your views and opinions over the given topic.Your content should be engaging and should be something the viewer can relate to. If writing doesn’t come to you naturally or you despise it, then blogging isn’t really the right job for you.

You can commit to it.

Blogs require great manual input and regular updates. If you start your blog and update it monthly or yearly, then unfortunately, your blog isn’t going to stand before the public. Maintaining a blog requires a great deal of self-discipline and self-motivation, adding new content time and again, keeping it interesting for the viewers to read.

You have something to say and are passionate about it.

First, you need a topic as the basis of the blog. This topic may be something specific, like baking cupcakes, or something super broad, like health, technology, or even sports. Whatsoever be the topic you choose, it should be interesting not only for the readers, but for you as a blogger as well.

It should basically be something you’re passionate to learn and write about. The topic should have a genuine point, a message, and a clear direction. Without these, you may get lost along the way. While it is possible to stay anonymous and become a blogger, anonymous success is not the norm.

People who have the audacity to share their views before the audience standing before them, are definitely appreciated more than the people who hide because of cowardice. So make sure you’re comfortable and confident delivering your opinions, even though they lead you to getting a negative response.

You are willing to learn.

Even though you’ve got complete knowledge of the topic at hand, you must still have the will to learn, not only about the topic, but also about the viewer’s interest towards it and how it can be improved. Many bloggers, even though they are covering everything related to their chosen topic, still do not get the desired viewer’s attention. This is because of their tendency to deliver what they want, paying no attention to the reader’s interest, resulting in an unsuccessful blog.

Blogging and the Internet are ever-changing. Thus, you must make sure that with time, you are willing to learn what your readers actually want. You must also strive to keep the posts engaging and fun to read.

You are willing to take risks.

Blogging is all about taking risks, from starting your first blog to adding your first blog advertisement or link.To become a successful blogger, you must be confident and willing to try new things to promote and enhance your blog. Your new ways may often fail, but trying to new things definitely attracts a larger audience to see and notice the visible changes done to your blog.


Make sure you’ve got the aforementioned prerequisites down before starting your journey to blogging.


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