How to Make Money Online With a Review Site

In today’s modern world, the Web plays a vital role in making man’s life easier and better than ever. It is not only a source of leisure and a medium that connects and keeps people in touch, but it is also a means for people to look for what they need or want, know more about it in an easier way, and make a guilt-free and fully informed decision before buying.

By the mere fact of recognizing this need and particular buying behaviour of people nowadays, a lot of business owners take advantage of it by increasing their exposure and existence on the Web as well as by increasing their marketing efforts for the products and/or services they offer on their website/s and other media. This, in turn, helps people get what they want or need in a better, more convenient and a more fulfilled manner.

Since business owners today are much active and present in the Web than before, they will need skilful and competent people to help increase their marketing efforts and make it successful. This is where we, the audience turned ‘freelance workers’, are of best help. How do businesses market their products and make them more sale-able? It is none other than when people read great reviews and feedback about them.

These reviews can be very helpful for businesses to make sales, but do you know that as a reader or ‘tester’, you can make money from it, too? By writing reviews about a business’ products/services, you can definitely earn money online! You may ask: “How is that possible?!”

Keep your calm and get your seatbelts fastened, for this article will share with you how to make money online with a review site, and what you need to be successful in doing it.


How to Make Money Online With a Review Site

  • Know how to write an awesome and credible review.

Before you get into this business, you must be confident and skilled enough to know how to write an awesome and credible review. Create great content free of errors and with value, so it can be of best help not only to the website you are writing reviews for, but for the readers and prospective clients looking for it.

These steps will guide you on how to write an awesome and credible review.

  1. Know what you will be writing about in the grassroots.

Always keep in mind that you are writing reviews not just to make money but to help people. Thus, it is important for you to know what you are definitely going to write about in the grassroots. In this way, you will be able to create a highly useful review content people will take reference on.

Let us say you will be writing a review for a website that sells garden carts. It is important for you to get familiar with the parts of the garden cart and use these easy-to-understand terms in creating a review. In addition, it would also be best if you have knowledge on what an ideal cart is, depending on purpose; its characteristics, capacity, price and added features. Then, compare it with the product you will be writing a review on. In this way, you will be able to explain well about the product and make a great and credible review about it.

Another example is when you write a review for a website that sells novels. Once you are assigned to review a particular book, it would be best if you take notes on the characters and plot of the novel, and the author’s prevailing style of writing. It would also help if you describe well on what tone the author keeps and how he/she conveys the story; this is what makes the book something interesting to purchase.

  1. Make your review interesting and engaging to read.

After knowing well on the product/service you are going to write a review about, it is now time to write and make a great review content! You may ask: “What makes a review content great?”

A great review content is one with:

  • A perfect grammar and a valuable content
  • An awesome introduction that catches the readers’ attention
  • A clear stated purpose for writing such; it could be to educate, inform and invite
  • An engaging tone to keep the readers’ eyes and attention to it
  • Descriptions that are wisely written and note-worthy
  • Parts that are coherent with one another
  • A clear and genuine judgment about the product/service
  • A helpful recommendation or suggestion

By following these 2 steps in writing an awesome and credible review, it’s time to say you’re good to go! You can check out these top 5 best websites you can create reviews for, and start making money today.

Top 5 Best Websites You Can Create Reviews For

  1. Ciao

This website is one of the biggest review websites available on the Web. It contains lots of products to be reviewed, such as books, electronic devices, beauty products, food and many more. It pays $0.25/review, but each time a customer finds your review useful, you can get another $0.03-0.05/customer rating. You also get another $0.01 every time a customer checks and views your review out.

  1. ReviewStream

This website is the one of the best places where you can write reviews and get paid at a higher price. You can write reviews on books, movies, electronic devices and many more on this website. Earn  $2/review if customers find it very useful and of high-quality, that it belongs to ReviewStream hot topic. You can also get an additional $0.10/review vote.

  1. Dooyoo

This website is another source of making money online through writing reviews. In here, you can write reviews about places or food; something you have experienced and have a full grasp yourself. What makes Dooyoo unique is they grant you Dooyoo Miles for the reviews you write, and then you can exchange these miles for cash once you reach a certain amount.

  1. SoftwareJudge

This website is one of the most popular review websites in which you can make money online. You are to a write review on software you have to try. Then, after trying, you describe the software and convey your judgment about it; what’s important is you tell the truth and judge the software in a constructive manner.

You can earn as much as $50/review on this website, but you are limited to writing 3 reviews daily.

  1. UserTesting

This website needs you to test other websites and get paid to do it. Then, after you try the website, you are to describe how it is; its user-friendliness, load time, creativity, navigation convenience and ease, and other factors. You can earn $10 for each website you make a review on. UserTesting will require you to utilize their online screen recorder while doing the website visit and test.


With these ways on how to make money online with a review site, you now have more means to generate multiple income streams. Just keep in mind to write high-quality, awesome and credible content, so you do not just make money, but you are also effectively helping people make fully informed and fulfilling decisions, as well as other companies in making their products/services better.

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