5 Online Businesses You Can Start Today

Is cash a scarce commodity for you? Are your resources starting to trickle down little by little? Even if you have a stable job right now, money is still an issue. In fact, a single source of income is not healthy in this kind of economy that we are in. If you want an extra paycheck, then resorting to the Internet is a fantastic option. The world inside your computer is a vast treasure chest. If you are just diligent enough in digging, you can have your own share of the wealth the online world offers. And yes! There are online businesses you can start today.

I know that most of you have Internet connection in your homes. The availability of such creates the opportunity for you to start an online business. By the time you can get the hang of it, you can easily have the extra bucks to pay for your loans, mortgages, and tuition’s. Moreover, the money from the internet can even buy you a ticket to your dream vacation!

You don’t have to be an expert or a computer geek to start an online business. Most of the people I know are into it, even though they are graduates of non-computer related courses. See? That’s one of the benefits of an online business. You don’t have to be a genius for you to succeed in it.

Moreover, the capital of starting an online business is not that pocket-draining. It is not that time-consuming (a few hours in a week can even do) and quite easy to maintain.

Also, you should not doubt about the legitimacy of online businesses. After all, you probably heard several success stories that revolve around the internet.

As a piece of advice, find online businesses that fit your capacity and interest. The chance of success is much greater if you have an inclination to your chosen field. And as for me, I don’t really believe that there is such a thing as “one size fits all” in the online world. No one can amass it all.

Here are some online businesses that you can start today!


Information Marketing

Are you a skilled individual? Or are there a lot of pieces of information stored in your brain? If you answered both of these yes, then information marketing is the business for you!

In the era of information, people already consider ignorance as an option. Therefore, they are trying to learn anything that piques their interest. And we all know that when it comes to this matter, the Internet is a trusted repository.

You can actually sell your skills or information on the web. And undoubtedly, many will surely patronize them. Do not worry if you are not an expert. As long as what you are saying has any relevance, then people will dig to it, one way or another.

For information marketing, video sites like Youtube are the ideal platform. The monetization there is quite high. Aside from that, you can also consider creating eBooks and tutorial sites.

Affiliate Marketing

Never consider affiliate marketing a lazy way to earn money. The truth is, it requires a lot of effort and time for it to be successful. But even so, this means of income-generation is one of the most promising on the online world. I have even heard some people became so filthy rich because of it.

Affiliate marketing requires you to promote or endorse a product from an online store. One of the most famous sites that offer an affiliate program is Amazon. The more expensive the product you promote, the bigger the commission you can get. But this is on the condition that you can bring the people in the online store to buy the product.

Those who are in the business of affiliate marketing are hunting for the hottest trends in the search engines today. For example, they would pick out products that are related to dogs if that search term is grossing high on Google.

But nevertheless, you can still choose topics that interest you. In this way, you can find more creative ways to compel people to buy them. In all of these, it is important that you will do your homework and research. These two are essential things in affiliate marketing.

SEO Consultant

If search engines like Google can’t hide any secrets from you, then being an SEO consultant is an ideal online business. I know it is quite useless to recommend these things. After all, a person who knows all the loops of SEO is probably sitting on a beautiful beach right now. Yes, that’s the kind of profit you can earn from SEO.

However, if you have the kind of generosity and enthusiasm like Neil Patel, being an SEO consultant is a nice thing to do. You can educate many small businesses on how to use search engines to their advantage. You will teach them on how to appear on search engines so that can generate more (organic) traffic.

Moreover, you can also teach them how to make appealing contents for lead generation. And what can you get from doing all of these? Extra income and a sense of fulfillment!

Social Media Consultant

Social media is a thing today. Its widespread started years ago, but its influence is still not disappearing. In fact, several internet analysts predicted that social media will still grow stronger and more influential in the years to come.

Most of the corporate giants today have their own social media marketing team to run different campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They have seen the positive impacts of having an engaging social media account on their business. And that is something you should never ignore.

For small online businesses, running a social media campaign can be a hard thing to do. Their resources are limited, and they have no clear idea how to begin one in the first place. As a social media consultant, you will craft the right strategies for these businesses to reach their target audiences.

If their business grows, so will your income. They will keep hiring because of your quality services to them!

Professional Freelancing  

The internet world has opened a lot of opportunities for skilled individuals. In the advent of digital age, companies started creating their respective empires on the web. But this would not be possible if they lack manpower. This gave birth to online outsourcing.

Contractual freelancers are the answer to the skill gaps that any business can encounter while establishing their websites. Freelancers that have skills in writing, web design, proof-reading and SEO are the most in-demand talents today.

Although you may think that freelancing is not the ideal online business you have in your mind, the profit you can get from it no joke. Aside from that, you can work for different companies at the same time, depending on your time and capacity.

It does not also give the monotonous feeling because the task can vary from time to time!


Doing business online does not pose any disadvantage (except that it can consume your extra time). However, this should not discourage you to start your career on the internet. As long as you can get familiar with the ropes, your work will get faster and more efficient.

Besides, nobody told you that you have to do it alone. You can have a partner or a friend to assist you on different errands. Of course, you can hire someone if you are planning to make your business big and stable.

For the sake of the extra cash, the efforts put in online businesses are all necessary!

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