How to Sell Your Skill Online- Create an Online Course

Want to know how to sell your skill online? Create an online course! We have been telling many of our readers that your skill has a special place on the Internet. If you have the technical expertise, then doing it is quite beneficial. As long as you are great at what you are doing, you could make a profit out of it.

Of course, it would be hard to sell a skill if you don’t have the right tools to do it. You need to be as elaborate as possible so that people can actually learn from you. It is also your duty to provide the necessary materials for learning this skill. Therefore, creating a step-by-step guide or over-the-shoulder training where they can watch you teach or directly learn from you would be deemed essential.

An online course should also be comprehensive and appealing to the audience. It should contain a value-rich content structured to help make your student’s skill sellable.

If you are eager to start one for yourself, here is a basic guideline for it. Actually, creating an online course is pretty easy, as long as you got the time and the best set of skills to do it!

How to Sell Your Skill Online- Create an Online Course

The Content

Creating the content is quite the tricky part. Your goal here is to build something that people need and there’s a lot of contemplation needed to be done. If you have a skill that you want to share, then it would be much easier to structure the content.

For example, if you have a degree on culinary arts, then you could write something about the technicalities of cooking. Moreover, you could also write a short course about recipes found in high-end restaurants.

When you write your content, always think of your market. Make sure that you understand what they need and supply them with ways to overcome the challenges they usually go through. Also, you should figure out what they are looking for. In this way, you can create a course that would reflect as an answer to their queries.

It is better for you to go to any related forum of your choice. Try to learn a thing or two from the people there. The site Reddit is a good place to scavenge for ideas.

Remember, good content will always define your profit. Do not expect that a poorly written and a non-objective course is sellable to people.

Your Niche

You should know that writing an online course is not a one-shot job. If you have the heart for it, you can create further courses that are related to each other. This is the reason why you have to focus on a single niche. It makes people remember you easily. When you keep on producing quality courses on a certain niche, you can establish a good rapport in your community. If that time comes, selling your services or product will be a lot easier!

Moreover, you could also put special offers to your content. Just sprinkle something that would attract particular demographics. For example, you could use the line “Money-Saving Skills” in your title or any included subject of your course!

The Format

For your online course, you need it to be as accessible and readable as possible. Therefore, having your online course that has a good presentation is necessary.

At this point, we would recommend you to hire a designer to do a tweaking of your course. Since it will be in a PDF format, it should be formal but still appealing. A few changes to the styles and paragraphing will change the overall look of your course.

You will need your report to be visually appealing. Of course, too much design can ruin it. Just make it right, and people will remember how engaging your contents are.

If you are not opting for a PDF online course, then you should try a downloadable PowerPoint file. This type of format will enable your market to get most of the visuals of your report. Moreover, this file type will allow your readers to edit the contents. In this way, they can make healthy revisions to your course, which makes it more engaging.

Importantly, you should convert your PowerPoint into an SCORM format. The SCORM or the Shareable Content Object Reference Model is a standard format for any web-based learning materials. Specifically, you need to make your materials SCORM compatible. Or else, they won’t work on any Learning Management Systems or LMS.

If you can work your content on an LMS platform, it would have a better reach. Moreover, a lot of people will have access to it.

Luckily, PowerPoint has a plugin called Office Mix, which exports your presentation into an SCORM format.


For you to be able to sell your skills through an online course, you need to have a site that has an e-commerce platform. In this way, people will be able to pay you via PayPal or Visa. Moreover, it is a good idea as well to index your course to a course search engine. These sites will be able to publish your content to a larger audience and other affiliates.


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