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Step 1:
write a 500+ word unique article on any of these topics

Article writing tips
Social media marketing
Freelance article writing
Make money online from home
Online business Ideas that work
How to start an online business

Your article must have an introduction, main body (should contain subheadings, bullet points or lists), and a conclusion. Each paragraph should have a minimum of 3 sentences and a maximum of 5. Article must be free of errors

Step 2:
Click on this link http://gram.ly/v37t and download a free premium version of the grammarly app on your pc. Install in your google chrome browser and msword. Use this app to improve the quality of your article. (You can find other readability checkers online to help improve the readbility of your article)

Step 3:
Pass your article through a plagiarism checker, there are free ones online. (Your article has to be 100% unique)

Step 4:
Proof Read your article to make sure it is of high quality.

Step 5:
Scroll down and submit the article using the form below.

You will be contacted within 48hours if you qualify to move to the next phase of your interview. This is a full time employment, so only those who can commit to this job full time need apply.



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