5 Excellent Ways to Make Money Online and Start Working From Home


In today’s world, making money from home has become possible through the help of Internet. Anybody can find a job, build a business, or even work and do business on the Internet! All thanks to this amazing platform, making a living while building a career is now within reach. Since the chance to make a career on the Internet is for anybody, you have every reason to explore what it has in store for YOU! So in this article, we listed down 5 excellent ways for you to make money online and start working from home.

Take advantage of the golden opportunities the Internet offers and let’s get started!


Affiliate Marketing

The most popular way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. Basically, it’s about promoting a business’s product or service, and getting a commission for every sale you make.

You can do affiliate marketing on different platforms, from social media to email, videos, and even using your blog or website! Just pick a niche you want to focus on, research on products or services up for promotion in the said niche, and then follow the process!

There are so many Affiliate Programs out there, and in every niche imaginable. The best places to start will be Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay, JVzoo, CJ, and local options like Konga, VConnect or Jumia.


Do you love to express your creativity with your words, and can you write fresh, credible and high-value content? Then, you can make money online with your writing skills through blogging!

This field isn’t just about having a channel to express yourself. It is about establishing Internet Presence and credibility through your work, and earning from it at the same time!

You can earn with your blog by publishing ads, writing reviews, affiliate marketing, and even by selling your own physical or digital products.  You can start with free blog sites such as Blogger, Wix, and WordPress, but consider purchasing your own domain name.


Freelance Service Provider

Ways to Make Money Online

Freelance Service Provider

Work from home and earn money online with your skills and expertise by being a freelance service provider!

If you know how to teach, make logos or apps, transcribe from videos and recordings, attend to clients, build websites, or even write content, you can be a freelance service provider!

You can check out sites like Upwork, iWriter, ProBlogger, and many more sites to offer your services and earn money.

You have the potential to earn a full time income working from home online. Once you find something that works, scale up!  You don’t even have to deliver the services yourself, you can outsource.

Online Coach

Do you have tons of knowledge and experience in your field of expertise? Then, you can be an online coach and earn money teaching or mentoring others.

If you are a stock broker, you can organize paid webinars for people to know how to interpret charts, forecast and trade online. If you are a family relationship coach, you can write informational eBooks and videos on good parenting tips, or how to maintain a healthy marriage and family.  

Seriously, you can make money online with your expertise. Just look for a demand, organize your learning materials well, and voila! You can start your online coaching career. Remember to focus on building credibility at the beginning.

Information Marketing

This is an online career that lets you make your own eBooks, DVDs and audios in a niche that you are most passionate about, and sell them. You can also sell affiliate products if you don’t want to go through the trouble of creating your own product.

Are you a full-time mom who loves all things cooking? Then, you can make recipe eBooks or videos for full-time moms who want to learn easy-peasy dishes! You can even insert some affiliate links in your information marketing materials. Just use the best of your creativity and imagination, and put them to work!



Making Money Online is possible, and a reality in many homes around the world. Treat your online business just like a real business. Remember: There are no shortcuts to riches online.  It’s just like real life where you work hard and sensibly, and earn your daily bread.

However, with these 5 excellent ways to make money online, earning from the comfort of your home is now at your fingertips. Explore more on these ways and start earning today!

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